Car Wash Services:

Full Service: $15.00

Carpets vacuumed, ash-trays emptied, window cleaned in and out, car toweled dry, white walls cleaned.

Exterior Car Wash: $10.00

Exterior wash includes towel dry, and white walls cleaned

Add on services:

Wheel Bright: $3.00

Formulated chemicals dissolve disc brake dust and road film

Triple Foam: $2.00

Revolutionary new automatic process using a thick foamy polishing wax that seals in your car color

Undercarriage Wash: $2.00

Wash away the sand and salt with a high pressure chasis spray

Rust Inhibitor: $3.00

Undercarriage wash is applied then a coat of rust inhibitor is applied to prevent future rust from occurring

Glow Wax: $3.00

A scented spray wax which bonds to the surface to enhance finish

​Armor  All Add ons:

Tires only: $3.00

Exterior only: $3.00 

Interior only: $4.00

Complete Treatment: $8.00

We Accept all major credit cards!

Detail Services:

Finest Exterior Detail: Starting at $75.00

Full service wash, exterior buff, glaze & hand wax. Door jams cleaned, trunk vacuumed, wheels cleaned and Armor All tires. Chrome cleaned & polished.

Finest Interior Detail: Starting at $75.00

Full service wash, door jams cleaned, trunk vacuumed, carpets, seats, mats shampooed, door panels, console & dashboard cleaned, and Armor All.

Finest Express Detail:  Starting at $39.99

Full service wash, tires Armor All, hand wax, wheels cleaned

Finest Complete Detail: Starting at $150

Includes all exterior and interior detailing

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38 Pleasant Valley Parkway Providence RI 02908 US

Finest Car Wash And Auto Repair

Services and pricing

Package Deals:

Platinum Package: $30.00

Includes vacuum, wash windows, wheel bright, body foam, rust inhibitor, glow wax, and armor-all tires.

Gold Package: $25.00

Includes vacuum, wash windows, wheel bright, body foam, undercarriage wash, glow wax, and armor-all tires

Silver Package: $20.00

Includes vacuum, wash windows, rust inhibitor, interior armor-all

Bronze Package: $12.00

Includes exterior wash and undercarriage wash

​Auto Services:

Preventative Maintenance:

Oil change: $32.99

Air Conditioning charge: Starting at $99

​​Keep cool in the heat, charge your A/C!

Tire Services:

We offer competitive tire pricing on all major brands with the proper equipment to install and balance.

​Engine Diagnostics:


Our team uses the most recent technology in computer and engine diagnostics.

​​24 hour drop-off Service:

Does this symbol look familiar? Not to worry! Our 24 hour drop-off service will always help you get back on the road in no time!

​Other services:

Brake Services

Tune ups

Exhaust systems

Engine cooling

and many more!